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My name is Oksana Kotova

and I am glad to welcome you on the site cattery American Shorthair


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So, you have decided to let into your life, in your family and in the heart of the new family member.

The emergence of a new family pet and pet a very crucial moment. Before his appearance should consider many factors. One of them is the presence of allergy to cats, as well as the desired temperament.

Before purchasing a new family member should know about the features of the breed and conditions of his detention.


Looking for a cat that will be gentle companion, friend Your children and a full member of the family? Then choose a cat breed American Shorthair! This breed is known for its longevity, good health, outstanding appearance and quiet disposition .


Very communicative, never aggressive, they have absolutely adequate behavior at exhibitions and at home.


They are very easy to get used to the mode in which the family lives and easily take it.


Important and the fact that they are so smart, balanced and unassuming that it is easy to live in the same society with other pets.


They easily find common language with little human cub, even if the latter is not good upbringing and distinction.


Bright, beautiful, amazing color and unsurpassed kindness and communicativeness character. Cats of this breed decorate the homes of the rich and cause a stir at the exhibitions. An exemplary representative of ASH is not only a great pet (affectionate, patient, friend for your children), but also a magnificent exhibition cat. Cats of this natural rock preserved and good health, and innate hunting instinct.


All our cats-manufacturers imported from America of the leading cattery. Participants and multiple winners of the International Cat Show of Ukraine, Russia and Europe. 

We offer kittens as a pet, and for Cat Show and breeding.

 All the kids are full course of vaccination and training for all cat subtleties. Have all relevant documents.

 Please contact us, we will always help You to choose a pet!

 No matter which one of our smaller brothers appear in your home, you have to remember that "We are always responsible for those who have tamed." If you want your pets live a long, healthy and happy life, you must provide highlights of their lives, such as: protection, love, food and health care. We do this every day!


Cattery «Artemisiacat» located in Ukraine, Kiev.

 Registrationby two systems in 2008

(CFA and ICFA «RUI" Rolandus ") and NASC

~ Proud member of the following associations ~

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