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Looking for a cat that will be a gentle companion, a playmate for your children, and a full-fledged member of the family? Look no further than the American Shorthair. This breed is known for its longevity, robust health, good looks, sweet personality, and amiability with children, dogs, and other pets.

 First saw the American Shorthair, you can mix it with the usual Murka "basement" of the breed. Close your eyes ... but wait a bit and look again more closely. You see a big head and wide "face" with the eyes of a unique form. Upper eyelid gives the eye almond-shaped, bottom makes it completely round. Note the muscular body and shiny, like satin, wool.. Before you-American Shorthair (ASH). Representatives of this breed in Ukraine can be counted on the fingers of one hand! 

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Without them there would be no America!

Annually in the world is born not more than two thousand kittens "Americans" is not much Cats of this breed adorn the houses of the rich and cause a sensation at exhibitions. Exemplary representative ASH not only a wonderful pet (affectionate, patient friend for your children), but also a magnificent exhibition cat. Cats of this breed natural and preserved in excellent health, and innate hunting instincts is ruthless hunters of birds and rodents.

Today ASH, may no longer be so much in demand as the Mouser, but all the long and glorious history of their ancestors gives a reason for people not to forget their duty towards these cats. In the U.S. Independence Day on July 4, many Americans, the owners of ASH, and thank their cats whose ancestors helped the first settlers to make a contribution to the establishment of the country. 

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In CFA registered over 100 cattery where ASH involved in breeding the highest quality. In Japan, 20 registered cattery. Since the mid 80s, this breed is very popular there. Sometimes the Japanese exhibition can be seen more than 30 representatives of ASH.

This breed has always been among the top ten most popular cats (in 2011 to 5th place in he ranking by popularity).

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For Ukraine, the American Shorthair breed, at the moment, is quite exclusive. Registered only a few cattery that American breeders have entrusted their national breed. Cattery are worthy sires imported from America for the establishment and development of this breed in our country. While quite a lot of our fellow citizens can proudly plead happy owners of these excellent cats. In the year born very small amount of kittens. But the work of Ukrainian breeders aimed at obtaining new kittens that can be decorated with a large number of houses and make a splash at exhibitions, confirming its exceptional in appearance and character. 

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Golden character

Breeders of this breed, describing the American Shorthair, often use the expression "golden mean". This applies to many aspects of the cat's personality: "All-American" cat of medium size, addition-type and nature. They are mobile, but not hyper, not too independent, not intrusive. Excellent breed for people who want to get a cat to have fun: it may from time to time to bask in the lap, but will not follow you around the house, demanding constant attention. Excessive custody not really like her, and how the first settlers who left England in search of independence, they cherish their freedom. Furthermore, ASH renowned for their longevity, have excellent health, unmatched appearance, calm nature

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Very contact, it is not aggressive, they are absolutely adequate behavior at shows and at home.
They are very easy to get used to the mode in which the family lives and easily accept it. ASH does not require special grooming.

Important is the fact that they are so intelligent, balanced and unpretentious, it's easy to find a common language with little human baby, even if the latter does not differ a good upbringing and urbane.

 Can easily stay in the same society with dogs and other pets. And what is very valuable in the rock ASH (American Shorthair) is the fact that these cats are very well to education and do not remember the offense to a loved one, unlike other breeds of cats. 

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Cats who like to "talk quietly" 

"Americans" are very fond of communication, they like to be close to people and pets. However, they themselves are able to find employment, inventing games and even "imaginary friends." They are very strong hunting instincts, they like something to catch and catch: you can sometimes see ASH, long jumping over something invisible to human sight. 

Usually it is peaceful and quiet cat, but sometimes in the game "American" can be worn around the house with a deafening roar, chasing imaginary mice. Difficult to understand the cat-like run to chase "prey" or he likes to chase the sake of the movement. However, most of the time ASH can sit patiently, without demanding anything from the host, because these cats are famous as great Mouser, and patience is a very important feature for the successful hunter. It was the need for a long time to sit still and quietly explains another interesting feature of these cats, they are "talkative", but rarely loud meow! Often the "American" is approaching a man opens his mouth, but makes no sound. Only expression of his face, you can understand what he meant. The breed is famous for its very quiet meow. 

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Its weight in gold

Ordinary domestic cats came to America from Europe. It is known that several cats sailed on the ship Mayflower, which brought to the New World of the first settlers. In those days, the cat can count on "ticket to America", only possessing a hunting skill. Without these fighters mice and rats to the first settlers would have difficulty.

At the new place look cats began to change. In the harsh climate of the North American fur they become more dense, hard and dense to protect animals from moisture and cold during the long winter days. Over time, cats have become larger and more adept at hunting than their European relatives. Changed and the nature of animals. The serenity and tranquility allow them to meet with unflappable confidence "face to face" with the most formidable adversary.

During the "gold rush" in 1849 in San Francisco miners were paid $ 50 for each cat-Slayer mice. In 1884, when the city flooded rat hunters shorthair price increased to $ 100. For comparison: the weekly wage of a skilled worker was barely $ 10. 

As the breed name. Complex history of the breed.

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When the "new" American cats became more farmers and miners, to the best of their abilities, have engaged in a "people's selection." They selected the kittens with bright, conspicuous color and a distinct pattern, although excellent hunting abilities and pleasant character were still much more important than color. Initially, these cats have been known as "domestic shorthair breed." This name entailed great confusion because it can be understood in different ways. For example, the word «domestic» could be interpreted as a "local" (other than foreign) or as living in the house, as well as a "domesticated". Smart dealers with full bags of kittens this confusion brought huge benefits, allowing them to sell skinny, sick, pure blood of cats as "pets." Society has become wary of all "domestic cats" regardless of with which letters (big or small) written word. Prices of kittens plummeted in 1939 beautiful purebred kitten cost no more than $ 5.

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In the early 60-ies of the last century, a group of enthusiasts decided that the word "home" in the name of the breed is the barrier that hinders the popularity of these cats. In 1966, in order to better present the "All-American" nature of cats and distinguish it from other purebreds with short hair, the breed was renamed the American Shorthair. In the same year, CFA cat named Shawnee Trademark color silver tabby "Best cat of the year", and the breed really began to gain respect in the cat world. The new name has stoked interest in the breed, and, since the 70s, the popularity of ASH became slowly but steadily.

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ASH is a typical representative of the "hard worker", but looks attractive. It harmoniously built and muscular, like an Olympic athlete. In the breed standard says: "The American Shorthair breed-working cats. It should not be anything excessive. "The representatives of this breed big head with rounded cheeks and a pleasant, open expression. The eyes are large and wide-set, almond-shaped upper eyelid and the lower round. Eye color depends on the color of the coat.

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Males are much larger cats and reaching full maturity at the age of 3-4 years, weigh 5-7 kg. 3.5-4 kg body weight of cats. The average life expectancy of American Shorthair-15-20 years.

Colors are divided into four groups: one-color (black, white, blue, red, cream); combination of two or more colors: black tortie spotted (calico), and blue-cream bicolor; shaded, smoky colors and tabby (classic, mackerel and patchy). In this breed may be more than 80 different colors, but the most popular silver tabby.

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In 1993 he was recognized as the new color-tabby with white. This color and met before, but thought that tabby with white betrays ASH view "mongrel cat." To recognize this color, it took about 10 years, since it was necessary to make sure that he originally peculiar to this breed, and not brought into the hybridization with cats of other breeds.



Patricians and plebeians. A bit about the history o

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Over a hundred years ago in England (1896) was shown extraordinarily beautiful and great color silver tabby cat named Jimmy, who received the title of Champion, was valued at £ 2,000 (10,000 U.S. dollars!). Jimmy was very close to the ideal of the "American Shorthair" - large, muscular, majestic, with a clear "necklace" around the neck and noble expression of the muzzle.

The first exhibition of cats in the U.S. took place at Madison Square Garden in 1895. On show were presented 47 adult cats breed ASH and 25 kittens. On the second show of cats (1896) there for one such pedigree in color brown tabby cat gave $ 2500. CFA has officially recognized the breed in 1906godu registering among the first five.

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ASH first registered in CFA, the cat became Bello of Bradford (red tabby), born in 1900 in England. Fact suggests that the "Englishman" could only be a British Shorthair. During his nine-year career in the U.S. exhibition, he only lost one cat to another of the same color. Champion of the first CFA cat became The Buzzing Silver color silver tabby. First title Grand Champion CFA received eyed white cat Nor-Mont `s Angelique, born in 1948.

Despite their superior quality, American Shorthair has long been in the shadow of the imported exotic breeds. Known lover of cats Ingebord urkey wrote: "There was a rumor that the American Shorthair breeders take their" champions "of shelters for homeless animals, and therefore to their cats treated with contempt. In some cat shows these cats could not even participate, and if breeders yet recorded, they made ​​it clear that they are on display for the extra-animal is not free cells, disappeared somewhere points and prizes. Breeders had to explain the differences between cats, which they breed, and ordinary domestic cats accidental breeding. "

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In fact, a cat from a shelter may well remind ASH. The main thing is the distinction that gives a purebred offspring of the same quality and character, and that it itself, while chosen from the cat can be produced quite similar to his kittens. Years of breeding and systematic selection of many generations manufacturers ensure that each litter of kittens will have all the qualities of the breed.

Now American Shorthair successfully participate in exhibitions, often become winners Best in Show. 20130709 1421927922



Talk about cat breeds standards most appropriate to start with an explanation of why and who needs it. Standard - is a perfect description of the animal. Animal - a dream to which breeders should seek any breed. It provides detailed descriptions of the ideal type of cat (bones, head, limbs, coat texture, colors inherent in the breed, and the like). At the same time, no one standard can not describe the amazing harmony inherent, ideal animal. Furthermore, it should be prepared for the fact that it is impossible to achieve the ideal, it can be only approach. But as you approach, it tends, eluding you become even more perfect.

 20130714 1492788131   That's why he - out of reach.

Standards breeds is not constant over time. In any standard stipulated period of validity, after which the standard may be revised from making any changes or updates. Check out the latest versions of standards is often difficult - yet they still will publish until translate ... The most accessible source of information on the latest developments in the breed standard - the Internet. On the websites of international organizations almost always has a section "standards", which shows the latest versions. 

American Shorthair breed standard

(the CFA and ICFA RUI "Rolandus")

Point score:

HEAD (including size and shape of eyes, ear shape, and set and structure of nose ..................30

BODY (including shape, size, bone, and length of tail)............................................................ 30

Coat condition ........................................................................................................................... 15

Color: ………………………………………………………….....……………………………20

(tabby 10 points, the color and contrast of 10 points)

Eye color:………………………………………….………….........……………………………5

The total amount:……………………………………………...............………………………100

 IMG 7011 - копия  General Description: the American Shorthair is a true breed of working cat. The conformation should be adapted for this with no part of the anatomy so exaggerated as to foster weakness. The general effect should be that of a strongly built, well balanced, symmetrical cat with conformation indicating power, endurance, and agility.

  Overall Impression: A cat should be sturdily built. Harmoniously built, well balanced, symmetrical cat with features suggestive of strength, endurance and agility.

Size: medium to large. No sacrifice of quality for the sake of size. Females may be less massive in all respects than males and should be rewarded equally if overall balance is correct.

Proportions: slightly longer than tall. (Height is profile measure  of tail.     from top of shoulder blades to ground. Length is profile measure  from tip of breastbone to rear tip of buttocks  from top of shoulder blades to ground.
  from tip of breastbone to rear tip of buttocks.) Viewed from side, body can be divided into three equal parts: from tip of breastbone to
  elbow, from elbow to front of hindleg, and from front of hindleg to    rear tip of buttocks. Length of tail is equal to distance from shoulder blades to base of tail.

HEAD: Large (large), rounded, in proportion to the body, with well-defined cheeks and a sweet open expression. . Head due to the developed muzzle length slightly greater than the width. When viewed from the front, the head can be divided into two parts: from the base of the ears to the middle of the eye and from the middle of the eye to the tip of the chin.DSC 8810

Ears: Medium size, slightly rounded at tip, wide at the base and not overly open at the base. The distance between the ears doldzhno be twice the distance between the inner corners of your eyes.

Forehead: forehead slightly convex in profile, line moderately convex forehead forms a continuous curve, which passes through the upper part of the head in the cervical spine. Between the ears flat area, no dome.

Eyes: Large, round, slightly oblique and wide apart. ASH eyes have a characteristic shape: upper eyelid almond-shaped (slightly curved and oriental skewed towards the nose), and the lower eyelid has fully rounded shape of the curve. Outer corner of the eye is slightly higher than the inner corners. The distance between the eyes is not less than the width of one eye. View open, bright, clear, expressive and attentive.

Nose average length of equal width throughout its length. In profile, with a marked stop - light socket and a smooth transition from the nose to the forehead.

Muzzle: rectangular, broad, well filled with whisker pads. Clearly marked the transition from the vibrissae to the cheek pads. Clearly pronounced cheeks adult males.

Jaws: strong and long enough to successfully capture their prey. Both options bites (even bite and bite-scissors) are considered correct. At normal bite, the top and bottom front teeth interlock evenly. In scissors bite, the inner edge of the top front tooth does not touch the edge of the lower front teeth.

10984254 10153407758983758 8502100626663995893 nChin: Strong and well developed, is in line with the nose and upper lip.

Neck: Medium length, strong and muscular

Body: Strongly built, massive and muscular with well developed shoulders, chest, and back. The back is broad, straight and level. In profile slight slope down from the femur to the base of the tail. When viewed from above, the external body lines are parallel.

Limbs: Limbs average length and weight, powerful, muscular, in proportion to the body .. When viewed from behind all the limbs are parallel, toes pointing forward.

Feet: The feet are strong, powerful, full and rounded, with thick, heavy pads. Five fingers in front and four behind.

Tail: Medium length, slightly at the base, tapering to a sharp visual blunt end, but with a normal taper last vertebra.

Coat: Short, thick, dense, with well developed undercoat. Glossy, thick enough, shiny guard hair slightly longer than the undercoat. Allowed seasonal changes in the density of undercoat. Coat should be thick enough to be able to protect the cat from moisture, cold and superficial skin lesions.

Penalize: too large, and / or closed ear, pointed ear, sloping forehead, round eyes, smoothed and / or narrowed muzzle, weak chin, narrowed chest, squat or too long body. Short tail. Insufficiently developed undercoat.

Jam 1Disqualification: cats are not allowed to clear manifestation mixes breeds, the result of which could result in colors chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, burmansky, Tonkin or color-point (ie, bearing signs of infusion Siamese breeds) - is evidence of hybridization. Any hint of crossing with other breeds, including too long, or too fluffy wool; deep transition from nose to the forehead; bulging eyes; protruding brow ridge; hall or any anomalies tail; medallion or other manifestations of nonspecific white spotting in color with no white; undershot, overshot or any other malocclusion; constantly protruding tongue; wrong number of fingers; obesity or exhaustion; any signs of weakness or illness. . Any visible breach harmony and well-proportioned.

Crossing with other breeds are not allowed.

In article CFA materials and websites with the American Shorthair  Cattery.

Prepared American Shorthair breeder-Oksana Kotova

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